Jason Bowers
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Los Angeles native Jason Bowers has long been inspired by Hollywood and eager to join the entertainment industry. While in film school, Bowers discovered his strong talent and passion for directing and producing when one of his first short films, "I Suck," enjoyed great success and was made an official selection of several film festivals worldwide.

Jason has worked on over 40 productions as a freelance producer and/or director based in West Hollywood.

Bowers also currently serves as Media Producer on the board of directors for the No Worries Now Foundation, a nationwide non-profit organization that implements programs for teens with life threatening illnesses. In recognition of his tireless dedication to this important cause, Bowers was honored by Instinct Magazine and named one of their "Leading Men".

Despite maintaining a full plate, Jason Bowers remains driven and constantly seeks new creative challenges, ever inspired by his own passion to inspire others. Take a look and see for yourself... Jason Bowers



Feature Film
Short Film
Music Video
Actor’s Reel (concept, shooting and editing services)


With over 800 industry contacts we can find what you need, which include the following:

-Casting Directors
-Stunt coordinators
-Sound designers
-Production sound mixers
-Production Designers
-Assistant Directors
-Production coordinators
-Script supervisors
-Set photographers
-Wardrobe stylists
-Hair and make up artists
-Special Effects make up artists
-Props masters
-Location Managers
-Music Composers
-Entertainment lawyers
-Graphic designers
…and many more.


Sit back. Relax. And enjoy.


  • “Heart Beats Slow” – Angus and Julia Stone music video

    “Heart Beats Slow” – Angus and Julia Stone music video


    “Heart Beats Slow” – a new song and video by Angus and Julia Stone to be released 2014.

  • “A Heart Break” – Angus and Julia Stone music video


    “A Heart break” by Angus and Julia Stone. From their new self titled album.

  • “Clock Tower” Music Video


    First music video for Indie artist Noosa. Directed by Jessie Hill.

  • “Mari Celeste” Short Film

    “Mari Celeste” Short Film


    Two LA girls take a self discovery road trip.
    Directed by Jessie Hill.

  • “Brotherly Love” Short Film


    When Tommy returns home from a six year prison sentence, life is not what he expected.

  • “Live For/From Time Mash Up” Music Video

    Post Producer

    Noosa’s first live performance in Brooklyn.
    A Mash up of Drake’s “From Time” and The Weeknd’s “Live For”.

  • “Excess Baggage” – Feature Film

    “Excess Baggage” – Feature Film


    A quirky Romantic Comedy feature film about life, love and carrying bags. Scott thinks the perfect woman has no emotional baggage. It’s all a Jedi mind trick.

  • “Angel Road” Short Film

    “Angel Road” Short Film


    “Audience Award” winner – Beverly Hills Film Festival

    Wandering lost soul Finch stumbles upon a woman in need of help. Little does he know, she has more problems than just a broken radiator.

  • Racing to the Alter (Teaser Trailer)

    Line Producer

    Four young risk takers plan a road trip to Vegas to get married in order to dodge the war draft.

  • “Eyes In The Dark” music video


    The first single and video by Graph Gonzales on Citrusonic Stereophonic Recordings. 80′s. Seductive. Mysterious.

  • T’Quan Wilson – Acting reel


    A compilation of T’Quan Wilson’s best work as an actor.
    Excluding the music video all material is directed and produced by Jason Bowers.

  • I SUCK – Short film


    Official selection of: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Queer fruits Film Festival of Australia, Birmingham SHOUT Film Festival, Miami Short Film Festival
    David, a closeted gay vampire, returns home from being on a reality t.v. show with his new boyfriend who doesn’t know about his blood sucking habit. David tries to keep his secrets but his friends don’t make it easy. It’s only a matter of time before his family finds out that blood isn’t the only thing David likes sucking.
    Think Twilight… but less gay
    Runtime: 16 minutes

  • Levi’s jeans – Commercial


    Spec commercial. The only jeans that can make anyone sexy.

  • White sox – Commercial


    Spec commercial. A funny commercial about baseball fans’ excitement after Robin Ventura’s move to coach the White Sox.

  • Shelf Life – Short film


    After waking up in a body bag, a man finds himself trapped in a cooler with his girlfriend’s corpse beside him.
    Everyone expires at some point
    Runtime: 7 minutes

  • For Blood or Justice (Teaser trailer)

    Casting Director

    the film, “tells the story of Cotton De La Croix, an eccentric Texas lawman who will stop at nothing to bring Alex and Angel a pair of rampaging, psychotic killers, to justice.”

  • The T’Quan Show – Talk show

    The T’Quan Show – Talk show


    SEX. FASHION. LIFESTYLE. Hollywood entertainer T’Quan Wilson brings you America’s leading experts in all the wrong places… From a swinger mother who is dedicated to helping others find pleasure in her privately owned adult store to diving inside the mind of one of Sex and the City’s writers, T’Quan knows where all the juice is and how to get it out. Please inquire to see this content.

  • No Worries Now online media

    No Worries Now online media


    No Worries Now is a Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well being of children and teens with life-threatening illnesses. Jason acts as the media producer on the board of directors. Please inquire to see this content. www.noworriesnow.org


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 photo IMG_0112_zps3962769e.jpg
 photo IMG_0014_zps5be62761.jpg
 photo IMG_0032_zpsad1124b3.jpgPromo video for "Brotherly Love" photo 1264241_10100990751283888_344923620_o1_zps314ab8e0.jpgCast and Crew screening for "Almost Broadway" photo IMGP5083_zps429af870.jpg


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It’s finally here! Our trailer for “Racing to the Alter” is up and available for viewing!

Directed by Dan Mitchell
Written by Dianna Ippolito

12 hours in the desert

Spent a few hours in the desert today shooting a teaser for a film titled “Racing to the alter”
Check out director Dan Mitchell!


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A sneak peek of a music video I produced last week.

Last week we joined forces with director Jessie Hill and made Noosa’s first music video to a new track she has coming out soon. It was a blast!
check director Jessie Hill out here


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Obama: State Gay Marriage Bans Unconstitutional — Daily Intelligencer

Obama: State Gay Marriage Bans Unconstitutional — Daily Intelligencer.

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Jason Bowers

West Hollywood CA

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